About Us

Mangalam tattoo studio is one of Delhi’s oldest tattoo studios. We pride ourselves on our custom designs and customer centric approach. The first thing you will experience our unmatched consultation services where we will discuss all aspects of your tattoo and help provide clarity on any questions you may have. Mangalam tattoo studio artists are adept in all forms of tattooing, and will ensure that you feel extremely comfortable throughout the process, whether you’re getting your first tattoo or are a tattoo enthusiast.

Tattoo designs are made to fit your persona and psyche, and reflect your thoughts. Adorn your personality and get a tattoo etched on yourself.

Your Tattoo is about Your Value

We are a team of award-winning tattoo artists here to help you get the perfect creative custom tattoo which is uniquely designed based on your ideas, values and beliefs. Aliens Tattoo is the brand people trust, we are recognised as one of the best tattoo studios in Mumbai / India.

The Mangalam Tattoo Studio Way...

We make Unique; Hand-drawn; Personalised tattoos easy to get. We want to produce head-turning Custom Tattoos you can brag about. But we don’t just want to make beautiful tattoos—we want to make beautiful tattoos that leave a mark. That’s why we have designed the Cost of our Tattoos, the Quality and Tattoo design process to accomplish very specific goals, maximising the long-term impact of your tattoo.

See your story come alive

Brainstorm your tattoo idea with your artist who will expertly hand-draw and customise your design exclusive to you.

Start with a Free Consultation

Fill out the form below, and our team will call you to discuss your tattoo design and assign the right artist to do your tattoo.

Oh! You’ll love it here

Simply lean back in our tattoo chair, soak in the relaxing studio ambience, and let us create an outstanding tattoo, just for you!


Permanent Tattoo

Permanent tattoos involve a colourfast pigment implanted below the dermo-epidermal junction and retained by macrophages and fibroblasts in the dermis.

Cover ups Tattoo

The specifics of your scar will impact how your tattoo is designed and inked, so make sure your artist knows what they’re dealing with while they’re designing your tattoo.

Piercing & Dreadlocks

Piercings are another form of self expression, they can be done on almost any part of the body and often look fantastic. And if one has long hair, they can get dreadlocks done, which add a relaxed demeanor to the individual.


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